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Entrepreneur Awarded and Executed work Order of Rs.127 Lakhs, under NSSH

05 Oct 2018
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To promote SC / ST Entrepreneurs under National SC – ST Hub (NSSH), Branch Office Hyderabad has awarded work order under Tender Marketing Scheme to a SC Entrepreneur Smt. T. Moksha Mary, Proprietrix of M/s.Krushi Garments, Hyderabad for supply of T-Shirts, Shorts & Track Suit valuing Rs.127.64 Lakhs. The Proprietrix, Smt. T. Moksha Mary has wide experience in the field of Garment Industry. M/s.Krushi Garments is a small Scale unit and registered under SPRS they are into manufacturing of Track Suit, T-Shirts, Shirts, Pants, Socks, School Shirts / T-Shirts, Regular Uniforms, Sportswear and Printing Multiple Colour on all types of Clothes. M/s.Krushi Garments has successfully completed the work order by providing employment to 80 persons.