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Performance & Credit Rating Scheme

Need of a Performance and Credit Rating Mechanism for SSIs (now Micro and Small Enterprises) was highlighted in Union Budget’04-05. A scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises has been formulated in consultation with Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) and Rating Agencies. NSIC has been appointed the nodal agency for implementation of this scheme through empanelled agencies.

Benefits of Performance and Credit Rating

  • An independent, trusted third party opinion on capabilities and credit-worthiness of Micro and Small Enterprises
  • Availability of credit at attractive interest
  • Recognition in global trade
  • Prompt sanctions of Credit from Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Subsidized rating fee structure for Micro and Small Enterprises
  • Facilitate vendors/buyers in capability and capacity assessment of Micro and Small Enterprises
  • Enable Micro and Small Enterprises to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of their existing operations and take corrective measures.

Benefits to Banks and Financial Institutions

Availability of an independent evaluation of the strength and weaknesses of a Micro and Small Enterprises unit seeking credit and thereby enabling banks and financial institutions manage their credit risk

Salient Features

  • A combination of credit and performance factors including operations, finance, business and management risk
  • Uniform Rating Scale for all empanelled rating agencies.
  • Micro and Small Enterprises have the liberty to choose among the empanelled Rating Agencies.
  • Turn-Over based Fee structure
  • Partial Reimbursement of Rating Fee through NSIC

Empanelled Agencies (Click on the names for contact details and rating fee)

Performance and Credit Rating Fee : Please contact the respective rating agency

Reimbursement of Performance and Rating Fee

Turn Over of SSI Reimbursement of Fee through NSIC
Upto Rs 50 Lacs 75% of the fee charged by the rating agency subject to a ceiling Rs. 15,000/-
Above Rs.50 lacs to Rs.200 lacs 75% of the fee charged by the rating agency subject to a ceiling of Rs.30,000/-
Above Rs.200 lacs 75% of the fee charged by the rating agency subject to a ceiling of Rs.40,000/-

Additional conditions for selection of units for rating under the Performance and Credit Rating Scheme are given hereunder :

  • The Turnover of the units should be Rs. 1.00 crore or above.
  • Case of rating should have been recommended by a bank or NBFC.
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