National Small Industries Corporation

(A Government of India Enterprise)

Facilitating the Growth of Small Enterprise since 1955

NSIC's Current Tenders

S. No.Tender DescriptionContactClosing Date
1 Title: NSIC/LBI/NWD/SECURITY/2019-20 ,Tender Document For Empanelment of Security Agency (DGR Approved)

Publish Date: 15-06-2019 Details
DM (TECHNOLOGY) 24-06-2019
2 Title: NSIC/BO/BBSR/ADMIN/MSA/2019-20/01, Tender Document for Providing Manpower Services from Manpower Supply Agency For NSIC, BO-Bhubaneswar

Publish Date: 14-06-2019 Details
Sr. Branch Manager NSIC Limited, BO-Bhubaneswar 21-06-2019
3 Title: SIC/HO/NSSH/CALLCENTRE/14/16-17, Request for Proposal For Selection of Agency for Call Center Services on Outsourced Model

Publish Date: 14-06-2019 Details
General Manager (NSSH) 04-07-2019
4 Title: NSIC/GAU/GODOWN-5/2019-20, Tender for Storage, Handling and Operation of Guwahati Stockyard For Bitumen products of NSIC/HPCL/HINCOL

Publish Date: 12-06-2019 Details
Sr. Branch Manager, BO Guwahati 24-06-2019
5 Title: SIC/HO/Admn-W/XX-III/03, Construction of Temporary Shed for BALCO godown at NSIC Technical Services Centre, Okhla, New Delhi-110020.

Publish Date: 11-06-2019 Details
Chief General Manager –SG (Works) 26-06-2019
6 Title: NSIC-TSC/H/SCRAP/19-20, Tender for Scrap (Metal) & wood at NTSC Howrah

Publish Date: 10-06-2019 Details
GM, NTSC (Howrah) 24-06-2019
7 Title: NTSC/C/Security/2018-19, Tender for providing Security Services

Publish Date: 10-06-2019 Details
CGM, NTSC Chennai 18-06-2019
8 Title: NTSC/OK/Canteen/1/2019,Tender for Running & Maintenance of Canteen at NSIC Head Office, NSIC-Technical Services Centre Premises at Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi-110020

Publish Date: 29-05-2019 Details
Centre-Head, NTSC Okhla 17-06-2019