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Exhibition Complex & Event Management

5(A) Participation of individual MSEs in domestic trade fairs/exhibitions across the country:Name
Eligible Items Scale of Assistance
Space Rent Charges 80% of space rent paid for General category units and 100% for SC/ST/women/NER/PH units limited to Rs.30,000/- or actual whichever is less. The space rent will be subject to minimum booth/stall size provided by the fair organiser.
Contingency Expenditure (include travel, publicity & freight) 100% contingency expenditure for all categories of units subject to maximum RS.15,000/- or actual, whichever is less. One representative from each participating unit may travel limiting to AC II tier train fare/Economy Class Air Fare. Local participants will be paid Rs 12/Km as freight charges (transportation of goods charges) up to 50 Kms.
Note: A MSE would be allowed reimbursement for maximum of 2 (two) events in a year and submit their claim online (or system in place) in the prescribed format within 30 days from date of conclusion of the event.
5(B) Organizing/Participation in trade fairs/ exhibitions by the Ministry/ Office of DC (MSME)/ Government Organizations:
Eligible Items Scale of Assistance
Space Rent Charges The implementing agency will hire bare space/ built up space (i.e. fabricated stalls/ booths) from the event organiser/ any other agency and mobilise the participating units.,
•The upper cap of hiring of built up space to organise/ participate in regional/national/ international events will be of Rs 15.00 lakhs, 25.00 lakhs & Rs 40.00 lakhs respectively.
•The participating units will be provided space rent subsidy @ 80% for General category units and @100% for SC/ST/women/NER/PH units subject to one booth/stall per unit and for minimum booth/stall size. The total subsidy will be within the upper limit as mentioned above.,
•The exclusive trade fairs for Self Help Groups (SHGs)/artisans/NER MSEs will be held with 100% space rent subsidy. However, the upper limit of subsidy will be equally applicable to them also.

The unit will apply to the Office of DC (MSME)/SME division, M/o MSME directly or through implementing agency online/offline, two month prior to the commencement of trade fairs/ exhibitions. After due scrutiny of the proposals, the secretariat office will submit the proposal at least 15 days before the event to the Empowered Committee for the final approval.

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Participation under NSIC banner

To showcase the competencies of Micro & Small Enterprise (MSEs) and to capture market opportunities, NSIC participates in selected International Exhibition every year. NSIC facilitates the participation of small enterprises by providing the special discount on Stall rental and Airfare only. Participation in these events provides exposure to MSE units in International market and enhances their business prowess.

Benefits of participation

NSIC is a brand name for the development and promotion of Micro & Small Enterprises worldwide. The participation of Indian Micro & Small Enterprises under the NSIC banner facilitates them to grow and expand their business. NSIC creates a platform for Micro & Small enterprises in Foreign Fairs to enable them to obtain credibility about their competency and capability to supply goods/technologies to foreign buyers matching International Standards.

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Revised guidelines for participation/visit in International events under International Cooperation Scheme issued vide Ministry’s Office Memorandum No. 4(92)/2017-IC dated 05-06-2018
International Exhibition Scheme Guidelines
Factsheet of Exhibitions

Note: Priority will be given to:

  1. Technology / Engineering based units for participation in above fairs.
  2. Units who have not availed the benefits under this scheme earlier.
  3. Units belonging to special category i.e. SC/ST/NER, subject to availability of funds

Updated : 30-07-2020