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Machines & Equipments Selling Scheme through Aggregation Services.


Marketing, a strategic tool for business development, is critical for the growth and survival of MSMEs. Due to the lack of information, scarcity of resources and unorganized ways of selling/ marketing, MSME sector often faces problems in exploring new markets and retaining the existing ones.

It has been observed that with increasing competition due to liberalisation of the economy, the survival and growth of the MSEs are critically dependent on their modernisation and timely machinery upgradation. Upgradation of both the process of manufacture and corresponding plant and machinery is necessary for the small enterprises to reduce the cost of production and remain price competitive at a time when cheaper products are easily available in the global market. Due to lack of awareness of both the quality standards and access to modern technologies, a large percentage of MSEs continue with outdated plant & machinery hence losing the race with peer companies of same segment in market.


The scheme aims at the following:

Facilitation the buyer for purchase of machinery from the NSIC empanelled Manufacturers and the approved Authorised Indian importers.

Scope of Scheme:

  • Identification of Manufacturers producing Key Categories of machinery which are in high demand may be selected. Initially Top 100 Machinery manufacturers may be targeted for on boarding.
  • Leading Seminars/ Exhibition will be attended for searching out the latest Technology/ Machinery and on boarding them with NSIC
  • To create pool of Machines & Equipments suppliers/manufacturers & facilitate latest technology/modern equipment to the MSEs & others on PAN India basis.
  • Detailed & Accurate information about Machines & Equipment’s and Verification of same to ensure authentic Seller
  • Physical verification of the Machines & Equipments by the NSIC committee prior to supply
  • Secured transactions
  • Tie-ups with Indian Manufacturers of Machines & Equipments, Authorized Indian Dealers of Imported Machines & Execution of Agreement for on boarding Authorized Indian Dealers of Imported Machines & Equipments.
  • Launching of Machine & Equipment Scheme (New Verticals) on pilot run basis through our Zonal Offices/Branch Offices/NTSCs.

Strategies for Enhancement Machine & Equipments Selling Scheme:

  1. Directory of Indian Machinery Manufacturers will be arranged from the Machinery Manufacturer Association/ leading Machinery Exhibition organizers.
  2. Leads forwarded from Head Office.
  3. Link this scheme with credit linked financing Support or With our financial Aggregation Services
  4. Developing futuristic long term verticals in emerging areas.
  5. Adding new customers by creating awareness through various means. Interaction/Meeting by the field offices with Industrial Associations Frequently.
  6. To create awareness and educate the MSMEs about importance/methods/ latest Manufacturing technology, Quality Product manufacturing and latest technical developments in international/national
  7. In phase one Indian Machine Manufacturers will be empanelled, later even Foreign Manufacturers can be added, especially with the countries where NSIC already have MOU for Technology transfers etc.
  8. Vendor Development Program (VDP).
  9. Awareness Programs

Eligibility Condition:

Tie-ups with Indian Manufacturers of Machines & Equipments & Authorized Indian Dealers of Imported Machines & Equipments thru Agreement for on boarding with a condition of minimum Turnover of Rupees One Crore or more for the sale of Machines & Equipments in last financial year.

Selection/Empanelment of Manufacture/Seller:

  1. For empanelment manufacturers/ suppliers have to show interest to EOI & furnish details as desired in online format & download the printout.
  2. Submit the Duly Filled Empanelment form along with desired documents as per Empanelment criteria to nearest BO/ZO/NTSC/HO and application form can be filled online or formats can be downloaded from below format No. 01 & 02, Annexure- A & B
  3. Submit duly signed documents to our NSIC Office.
  4. After the Selection of Manufacturer/Seller for empanelment, they will be called to for the execution of Agreement with NSIC. (Format No. 10, Annexure-I, Format No.11 & 12)

Procedure for Buying Machines & Equipments:

  1. Machines & Equipments shall be selected from available list of products by the Buyer.
  2. The unit/Buyer will apply to the NSIC Office by filling Booking order form (Format No. 05) along with Terms & Condition
  3. The Booking order will be submitted & the proposal may be accepted for Booking of Machines & Equipments on receipt of advance minimum Rs. 5,000/- or 10% price of Machines from Buyer whichever is higher, along with duly filled & signed PO Format.
  4. For balance payments terms & condition, Please refer detailed Scheme
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